Submit an artist or band profile listing!

Hello, thank you for your interest in Surf For Local Music. If you have never heard of SFLM well that may be because it has been up to this point a self-funded entity. That said is very costly and time consuming to maintain the site every year.  So, I have decided to make use of some of the hidden features and make them public such as this artist and band portfolio listing. It is like a digital EPK.  Listing entry and editing is available to SFLM monthly subscribers, but I also would like it to be available to non-subscribers through a one-time Venmo payment to Eccentric Musician Company.  Yes, you can pay after it has been published.  You can either use the form below or you can email me the information if that is easier (See below).

To initiate submission - Send a one-time payment of $12.00 to   

    • To make corrections (limited to two edit points) sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. be sure to include your contact information and phone number.
    • If this article becomes non-published it most likely means that I am currently fulfilling current orders and it will be republished once the offer opens up again.
    • After initial edit points, additional edits will cost $6.00. 
    • Portfolios will have meta-data to assist search engines robots for SEO.
    • The view project link is a unique link that you provide. I suggest that you use the booking information page of your website or a page that asks for an action.

Here is a live example of what your digital SFLM portfolio would look like; The Peladeau Project Band - Opens in new window!