Welcome to Surf For Local Music!

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Welcome to Surf For Local Music!

Thank you for visiting. Finally, SFLM is making it's way back to the internet for all local music lovers. My focus for the next few months of 2023 is to build a friendly fan-based website. I may or may not bring back the social aspect of the site, this really depends on you and your interests.

If you enjoy the local and semi-national music scene then this place is for you. I am not covering major artists here, there are plenty of other sites for that. For now, I will be focused on the local music scene in the New England area of the East coast USA.

Please be sure to favorite this website and follow our return and updates (notes below). For now here are some of our social channels already in existence and some in their infancy as we expand.

SFLM on Facebook

Twitter: Surf For Local Music Social Fanzine - #SFLM-SF (@SFLMS_Fanzine) / Twitter

SFLM is operated by the Eccentric Musician Company. Some Twitch episodes will be dedicated to SFLM content here; eccentricmusicianco - Twitch

Site updates:

12/30/2022; In process.

1/13/2023; Menu updated.

1/14/23; More changes coming today!

1/18/23; Added more local music events via I-Cal import