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About 1X per month myself staff members and music fans conduct a live music review of local bands performing live.

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Saturday, Sepetember 5th, 2015


Massachussetts (MA):

Leaving Eden with Beyond The Fall Live at , Salisbury Beach, MA

Time: 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Venue: Carousel Lounge
Address: Salisbury Beach, MA
Details: No Cover
Event on FB; Click here and be sure to let know folks where you have heard about the event on Surf For Local Music.

Girls on Girls perform in Fitchburg, MA

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Venue: Iron Horse Saloon
Address: 19 Airport Road, Fitchburg, MA
Details: Have a great time, have a great BBQ meal and enjoy the band. PLentry of…
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We cover only the live performances that positively inspires us to do so and we do it because we are blessed to have such talent work so hard to please the music fans that surround them.

The Teter Todders @ The Kasbar in Worcsster, MA 04/18/15

It's Saturday night and I set out to get in on some live music and perhaps do a live music review.  There's that old saying not to mix business with pleasure but my business of doing live music reviews is it is my pleasure.  Anyways, first I made a few stops through Millbury to pay a visit to a friends' band, second I stopped in at the Wheelock Inn. I was not feeling it there so I moved on and ended up at the Kasbar. After settling down on a seat near the band stage I took in a good visual and had a good listen. Again, if I am not feeling it I just won't do it. Putting a review together takes time, I have the all verbiage for the review to do and photos to upload and edit and then another upload to the server. So this leads me to a decision…

The band SEED performs at Stomping Ground in Pomfret, CT 04/11/14

Friday night after a long day at work and teaching music until 6 PM I made an effort to go to the The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, CT to catch the tail end of a singer/songwriter showcase. When I arrived there the performers were packing up. Oops to late! Perhaps next week I will try again but I didn't let that curb my appetite and hunger for live music.

Not being sure what to expect I headed towards Putnam CT to try the stomping ground. The band I stumbled upon was AMAZING! At first I was going to have a beer, take a listen in, then go home after all I was a bit tired. Usually when I see a new band I either just have a listen and give the band a few months to mature or just take in another night of listening to get a good…

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Weekly Top Local Live Music Tweets - 09/02/2015

This is the place where I gather recent tweets and social blurbs that have anything to do with live music in New England. From music fans to bands and singer/songwriters you will see it gathered here listed by State each week either on Tuesday or Wednesday depending how my music lessons schedule is for the week. A big thank you going out to my 1,848 Twitter Followers - Glen P @ Eccentric Musician Company. ...
Review Archives - Pre 2015

A listing of articles that were transferred from the old version of the SFLM fanzine. Pre-2015

The Matt Brodeaur Trio Performs in Millbury 05/17/2013

The Mat Brodeaur band is a great little band gaining new friends and fans fast. I caught up with them last last week at the PACC in Webster, MA. What a great place to see a local band. The band is basically a trio consisting of Matt on guitar and vocals, Dale Packard on Bass and John Fyffe on drums. While the band is still relativley new to the scene they have much to contribute to it and live music fans in the local area are enjoying their raw energy and classic rock mix. When you hear Matt...