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Tuesday's Tweets and Social Blurbs

This is the place where I gather recent tweets and social blurbs that have anything to do with live music in New England. From music fans to bands and singer/songwriters you will see it gathered here listed by State.   CT:   KLOKWIZE ‏@Klokwize 8h8 hours ago Next show is 4/4 in Hartford and gonna be cray cray!     MA: ...
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New England Spotlight

Each month we will spotlight 5 local music artists, bands or other music groups.

Reviews on Recordings

SFLM Staff reviews of recorded music from local musicians and bands.

Local Music Amazon Artist Review; Dan Kirouac

 A music review of original compositions by New England Singer/Songwriter...
Latest SFLM News

Latest SFLM News

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While we are under construction! Publisher Update: Saturday, 02/07/2015  This is a great time to join and participate in the updated Surf For Local Music Fanzine! SFLM has something for every one be it the fan, the musicians or a music business professional. For the Fan: ...