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Welcome to SFLM! The Surf For Local Music Fanzine of New England. Featuring reviews of artists, bands and events the live music scene in our area.

Latest SFLM News

Latest SFLM News

This Month's Artist and Bands Spotlight

SFLM spotlights 5 local music acts each month.

This Month's Spotlight Artist's and Bands! ~ May 2015

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This weeks live music picks!

This weeks live music picks in New England.

This Week's Live Music Picks! 05/13 thru 05/17/15

Sponsored by Eccentric Musician Company's Music Lesson Studios in N. Oxford, MA! Share with friends! This article was published as of Tuesday, 04/06/15 @ 10:00  PM. Note: As of today I will trying something new,these featuresd listings will be for Tuesday through The following Monday. This will better fitmy writing/editing schedule. Please like us on Facebook @  If you are interested in a listing and/or...
SFLM Poplular Articles

About 1X per month myself staff members and music fans conduct a live music review of local bands performing live.

Popular Articles
Live Musc Reviews

We cover only the live performances that positively inspires us to do so and we do it because we are blessed to have such talent work so hard to please the music fans that surround them.

The Teter Todders @ The Kasbar in Worcsster, MA 04/18/15

It's Saturday night and I set out to…

The band SEED performs at Stomping Ground in Pomfret, CT...

Friday night after a long day at work and…

Reviews on Recordings

SFLM Staff reviews of recorded music from local musicians and bands.

Local Music Amazon Artist Review; Dan Kirouac

 A music review of original compositions by New England Singer/Songwriter...
Weekly Featured Articles

Look for new articles each week!

Friday Social Shout out (#ShoutOut)

While I may be stuck at home this Friday many of you are not. Thus, I came up with this  great idea for an article. I hope it takes root. I asked music fans to respond to what band they are going to see, what venue and what city? I asked this on my social media channels. I may also include some other shoutout comments that I find. Glen @ Eccentric Musician Company   Below is the reposting of these shoutouts: Bido...
Review Archives - Pre 2015

A listing of articles that were transferred from the old version of the SFLM fanzine. Pre-2015

The Matt Brodeaur Trio Performs in Millbury 05/17/2013

The Mat Brodeaur band is a great little band gaining...

Live Music Review: Bitter Suite in Oxford, MA

This page is sponsored by the Eccentric Musician Company. Focusing...

Music Review; "Girls on Girls" in Oxford, MA 05/17/14

Attention Small businesses: To sponsor this band's music review to...